Inspections of Certificated Premises

A Petroleum Inspector could visit your premises at any time to ensure you are complying with the law and keeping employees and members of the public safe, though we would generally contact you to arrange an appointment.

During an inspection we would require access to the storage tank chambers and the dispensing equipment and we would want to see the following documents

  • Current Petroleum Storage Certificate

  • Current Electrical Certificate

  • DSEAR Risk Assessment

  • Site Maintenance Records

  • Staff Training Records

  • Wet Stock Records

  • Petroleum Delivery Records

  • Hazardous Zone Drawing

What if I don’t comply?

Our inspectors will actively work with you to advise and assist you to meet the standards required defined by the regulations.

We can take enforcement action if we are of the opinion that you failing to meet required standards, or we feel that there is a serious risk to personal safety in the why you are carrying out your business. This could range from issuing a written warning to prosecution, where you could be fined and/or imprisoned.