High Rise Residents forum

Greater Manchester Residents Invited To High Rise Forum

Residents of high rise blocks across Greater Manchester are invited to the High Rise Residents' Forum to discuss any fire safety concerns and learn more about the ongoing work of the High Rise Task Force.

The forum, which will be taking place on Tuesday 22 October in the Manchester Suite at the GMFRS Training and Development Centre, will be hosted by GMFRS who will provide an update on the ongoing work that is being done to reassure people living in high rise buildings across the region since the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

The meeting is open to all affected high rise residents and is an opportunity to discuss issues and concerns about fire safety. You can book your space for the High Rise Residents' Forum here. 

Further information on the High Rise Taskforce can be found here on the GMFRS website.

17/09/2019 14:42 PM