Fire Cover Review 2023 (now closed)

This consultation has now closed.

Greater Manchester’s economic importance, diversity and infrastructure make for a complex picture in terms of the risks that we have to plan for, help prevent, and look for opportunities to improve. Our city-region’s constantly changing landscape creates an operating environment that regularly and rapidly shifts. We must respond to these changes by evolving our approach, to ensure firefighter and public safety remains at the forefront of our plans.

Keeping our residents safe is not just about firefighters responding to emergencies. It's also about investing in and enhancing our service and our communities. This means continuing to ensure that all our people have the tools, equipment, and training they need to do their jobs safely and effectively. It also means equipping and empowering all areas of our city-region to reduce the risks of fires and other emergencies through our prevention and protection work. 

During 2022/23 we carried out a Fire Cover Review as we do every four years in line with the development of our Fire Plan to ensure we have the right resources in the right place at the right time with the right equipment and training.

Alongside this, we also carried out a Special Appliances Review to assess the effectiveness of our special appliances that carry dedicated equipment and technology for use in specific situations.

It is the recommendations from these two reviews that we want to ask our people, our communities and our partners for their views on. We believe these proposals will help GMFRS to deliver a modern, flexible and resilient fire and rescue service.

Our consultation is open from Monday 5 June to Monday 24 July 2023.

To view our consultation document and have your say on our plans, visit (external website)

The current version of the Equality Impact Assessment into our Fire Cover Review proposals is available.

Equality Impact Assessment (Word, 313 KB)

Equality Impact Assessment (PDF, 598 KB)

Assessment of potential equalities impacts of the Fire Cover Review is an ongoing process and this may be reflected in updated versions of these documents.

Some tables in the document may present issues for some screenreaders. We intend to remove these from the final version of the document. If you require this information in an alternative way ahead of that, please contact

Community Events

In addition to the online survey, community events are taking place at the following locations.

Use the links below for detailed information on each of the proposals.