Organisational Learning

GMFRS is focused on developing and embedding a learning culture across the service, aligned to the vision, mission and values set out in our plans. 

Instead of simply doing things ‘the way they have always been done’, knowledge can be gained and improved over time by learning from our experiences.  We continue to identify opportunities for learning from our past actions, such as operational incidents, projects and programmes, evaluations, health and safety incidents, staff feedback etc., and ensure that lessons learned are shared across the service and become embedded in future behaviour.

We are striving to create a culture of continuous improvement, encouraging staff to share their experiences and take part in identifying and implementing best practices. Our ultimate goal is to effectively utilise learning from operational and non-operational activity as well as external sources and inspection feedback, to improve the services we deliver to our communities, enhance the quality and efficiency of frontline services, and ensure the long-term growth and development of the service.