Winter Safety

As the county shivers in the grip of snow here are a few simple steps to keep you safe during this chilly spell.

Prevent a fire starting in your home

  • A smoke alarm is the single most important piece of safety equipment in any home - make sure you have a working smoke alarm and test it regularly

  • Never smoke in a chair if you think you may doze off, never smoke in bed. Don't smoke if you have taken prescription drugs or have been drinking alcohol

  • Do not leave a lit cigarette, pipe or candle unattended

  • Use deep ashtrays so that cigarettes can not roll out, and don't throw hot ash into a waste paper basket

  • Keep matches and lighters well out of the reach of children

  • Sit at least three feet away from heaters

  • Never put a heater near clothes or furnishings

  • Don't overload electrical sockets

  • Never leave a room where a candle is burning. Only use them in a suitable container, away from flammable surfaces and curtains and make sure they are completely extinguished when you put them out.

Safety tips before going to bed

  • Interior doors should always be closed when going to bed as they can dramatically reduce the spread of fire

  • Make sure the cooker and heaters are turned off

  • Switch off and unplug all electrical appliances except those that are meant to stay on, like a fridge

  • Rake out open fires and put a fire guard in place

  • Empty ashtrays, making sure the contents are cold

  • Ensure you have access to a phone

  • Always turn under blankets off when you get into bed and never use an electric blanket and hot water bottle together

  • Have your electric blankets checked by an expert at least every three years

Further home fire safety advice

Prevent a fire starting in the kitchen

Be prepared set out and escape plan