Tyre Safety

Tyre Condition, Pressure and Tread Depth checks - Learn about the checks, this will help you reduce the risks of tyre-related incidents.

20 p Test

Current UK Law states that tyre tread on cars, must be at a minimum of 1.6 mm across the central three quarters of the tread, around it's entire circumference. You can easily check this by using a 20 p Coin.

Tyre Condition

Your Tyres are in constant contact with the road and as such, they suffer a lot of wear and tear, even if you drive carefully. This is why it is so important to keep and eye on the condition of your tyres

Tyre Pressure

To stay safe on the road, your car neds to have the correct tyre pressure. To find out what your car pressures should be, check your vehicle handbook
If the tyres are under or over inflated, then handling and grip will worsen, potentially causing irregular or unpredictable car behaviour.

Tyre Tread Depth

Tyre Treads are designed to give good grip on wet roads, but this generally decreases as a tyre's tread pattern wears down or as they depth of water increases. Drivers should take this into consideration and reduce their speed accordingly in wet conditions.

For more information & advice visit Tyre Safe

Learn about Megan's Tragedy and the importance of regular tyre checks

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