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If you are an organisation that works to support Greater Manchester residents, find out here how you can work with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) to keep your service users, clients, patients or tenants safe from fire.

Working in Partnership – Preventing Fires and Improving Wellbeing (Word, 588KB)

Our partnership agreement template (Word, 269KB) shows what a written agreement with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) might look like.

Whether you already work in partnership with GMFRS, or are interested in getting a partnership started, the resources on this page should assist you to make the most out of working with us.

Home Fire Safety Assessment Partner Referrals

A person-centred fire risk assessment to provide fire safety advice and interventions.


Fire safety and other leaflets which you can download for distribution to the people you work with.

Work with Us

Contact details for your local prevention manager.


Access our training for partner organisations

Partnership with Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust (PCFT)

Partnership Agreement (Word, 842KB)

GMFRS working in Partnership with PCFT 2013-2017 (Word, 1.2MB)

GMFRS working in Partnership with PCFT 2013-2017 - Executive Summary (Word, 55KB)

It's Time to Care About Fire - Prevention Presentation (PowerPoint, 2.6MB)

Community Safety Services

To find out about the services we offer to the community, download our Community Safety Services brochure (PDF, 2.6MB). You will find information about each service or activity, who the service is for and how to access it.

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