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On 5 January 2022, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) launched Home Fire Safety Assessments (HFSA), targeted home fire safety interventions which replace the previous Safe and Well offer.  

To support HFSA a new Online Home Fire Safety Check (OHFSC) tool is available, which households can use to help identify fire hazards in their home. The tool also suggests changes that can be easily made to reduce the risk of a fire.  

Partner agencies across Greater Manchester can also use the tool to make a third-party referral to GMFRS, and training is available to partners to explain the process and how to use the online tool. 

How you can help – seven simple steps 

This toolkit has been developed to encourage partners to support the promotion of the Online Home Fire Safety Check, the Home Fire Safety Assessment process and signpost to the fire safety advice on the GMFRS website. 

GMFRS is asking you, our trusted partner, to help promote Home Fire Safety Assessments and our referral pathway to your staff and service users by taking seven simple steps: 

  1. Provide a link to our HFSA webpage on your website 
  2. Provide a link to our HFSA partner webpage on your intranet  
  3. Promote HFSAs on social media as widely as possible, across all relevant channels  
  4. Distribute our HFSA promotional leaflets and display our posters 
  5. Attend our HFSA training and encourage your colleagues to attend 
  6. Include fire safety in your service user assessments 
  7. Sign up to our Home Fire Safety Partnership Newsletter and encourage your colleagues to sign up

Download our toolkit for partners

Home Fire Safety Assessment Partner Referrals

A person-centred fire risk assessment to provide fire safety advice and interventions.


Access our training for partner organisations.

Work with Us

Contact details for your local prevention manager.


Fire safety and other leaflets which you can download for distribution to the people you work with.

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