Medicines and Fire Safety

Medication is important in treating physical and mental health conditions. Some medication is designed to sedate, relax or induce sleep and some has side-effects such as drowsiness and this can impact on the risk of a fire starting or the person’s ability to respond to a fire or sounding smoke alarm.

If you are concerned about the effects your medication could have on your fire safety, we advise you to contact a healthcare professional, for example your GP to see whether a non-drowsy alternative is available or to review your prescription.

Please follow our fire safety advice below if you feel sleepy or drowsy after taking your medication:

  • Do not cook. Prepare a cold meal instead or let someone else do the cooking.

  • Do not smoke. If you do need to smoke, smoke outdoors or standing up near window. Never smoke in bed.

  • Do not burn candles. Consider alternatives such as battery-operated candles.

  • Do not sit close to fires or heaters. Sit at least a metre or 3 feet away.

  • Take your medication in accordance with the instructions provided by your healthcare professional or on the medication label/leaflet.

Please click on the link below for information about our FREE Home Fire Safety Assessment where the Fire Service can visit your home to give you fire safety advice and fit free smoke alarms (if eligible).

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