Safe4Summer Look after yourself and each other, stay safe, stay in control

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The campaign

Safe4Summer is an annual partnership campaign which takes place over the summer months – involving Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Greater Manchester Police (opens in a new tab) , Greater Manchester Combined Authority (opens in a new tab), local councils, plus others – with the ultimate aim to keep the young people safe and provide information to their parents and carers.

This includes direct engagement with young people and providing information to parents and carers. The campaign also promotes and puts emphasis on social responsibility.

It’s recognised that this campaign needs a refresh to reflect evolving objectives and bespoke campaigns that have been developed to specifically address some of those objectives (for example, water safety). However, given the timescales and ongoing challenges of COVID-19, we will look to do a full refresh next year, co-designed with young people, and this year will focus on evolving the language we use and identifying opportunities to do more targeted communications and engagement with the priority audiences, this includes using the hashtag - #SummerSafe - in digital content where possible.


Our partnership work aims to protect young people in Greater Manchester through education and by encouraging young people to keep themselves safe.

Following evaluation of last year’s summer campaign, we will focus on the following main objectives (while following Government guidance to help stop the spread of the virus):

  • Keeping our communities, including young people, safe while exercising around water and educate them about water safety

  • Reduce incidents of anti-social behaviour, by offering young people in Greater Manchester the opportunity to experience fun and exciting activities in their local areas

  • Increase reporting of antisocial behaviour

  • Encourage people to take responsibility for their actions and assist with education around summer safety messages

  • Reduce incidents of deliberately set fires

  • Reduce water-related incidents

  • Reduce the number of hoax calls to emergency services

  • Reassure local communities that the partnership is committed to working together to tackle anti-social behaviour