Bonfire safety advice

We want everyone to have a safe and happy bonfire night and would encourage Greater Manchester residents to attend organised displays across the city-region.

If you do want to host your own bonfire event please ensure that you read the guidelines below, as well as the Firework Safety Code.

  1. Bonfires should be 18 metres from buildings, trees, fences, overhead cables and car parking areas.
  2. Only clean dry timber should be burned.
  3. Do not burn: aerosols, batteries, bottles, foam-filled furniture, tins of paint and tyres.
  4. Bonfires should be no more than 3 metres in height. There should be a suitable barrier around the bonfire to keep spectators 5 metres away. Never leave a lit bonfire unattended.
  5. Do not use petrol, paraffin, diesel, white spirit or methylated spirit to light the bonfire – use firelighters instead.
  6. Check the structure is sound and always check that no children or animals are hiding in the bonfire before lighting.
  7. Have only one person responsible for lighting the fire. That person, and any helpers, should wear suitable clothing e.g. a substantial outer garment made of wool or other low-flammable material.
  8. Make sure that the person lighting the fire and any helpers know what to do in the event of a burn injury or clothing catching fire.
  9. Keep some buckets of water nearby in case of emergency and to damp down after the event.
  10. Bonfires built on council land without permission will be removed.

To report unofficial bonfires on public land, please contact your local authority.