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GMFRS wants everyone in Greater Manchester to be safe from fire at home and know how to escape safely if a fire starts. We have learnt that visiting people in their own homes to make sure they have working smoke detection and a good level of fire safety awareness prevents fires and saves lives.

To keep our communities safe we offer free Safe and Well visits across Greater Manchester.

A Safe and Well visit is a home visit, at a convenient time for you, carried out by trained GMFRS staff. During the visit we will:

  • ask a series of fire risk assessment questions about your home environment, your health and abilities, and your daily activities
  • check each room of your property to identify any fire hazards
  • check that you have at least one working smoke alarm on each level of your home
  • fit FREE ten-year smoke alarms as appropriate
  • provide you with fire safety advice and show you how to test your smoke alarms
  • work with you to agree a fire-safe bedtime routine
  • work with you to provide an escape plan for you and your family, so that you can escape safely if a fire starts
  • provide advice, or link you into organisations that can help you, if you need support with other issues such as health, wellbeing or crime prevention
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How do I book a Safe and Well visit?

Booking a visit couldn't be easier. Simply call 0800 555 815

Please click here to see the Safe and Well Privacy Notice.

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Safe and well visit