Candle safety

Whether you're using your candles to scent and decorate or as a religious symbol, these popular home accessories can be dangerous so reduce your risk of causing a fire by checking out our recommendations.

  • Never leave a candle unattended and remember to extinguish it before you go asleep
  • Make sure the candle is standing up straight and is firmly fixed in a proper holder so it can't fall over. Scented candles turn to liquid in order to release their fragrance, so always burn them in a suitable glass or metal container that will not leak the liquid and can withstand the heat from it
  • Always place candles on a heat resistant surface. Nightlights and tealights can melt plastic surfaces, such as the top of the TV and the side of a bath tub
  • Keep candles out of draughts, blowing curtains and sources of heat or direct sunlight
  • Always leave at least 10cm (four inches) between two candles and never place them under shelves or other surfaces
  • Extinguish candles before they burn into holders
  • Burn all candles well out of reach of children and pets
  • Always put candles out before you move them. Using a 'snuffer' or a spoon is safer than blowing them out, which can send sparks and hot wax flying
  • Consider an extra smoke alarm in the rooms where you burn candles
  • NEVER use outdoor candles indoors
  • NEVER lean across a candle - you could set your hair or clothes on fire
  • NEVER play with candles

Keep an eye on your candles - Fire Kills advert

For more information about fire safety or to book a FREE safety check on your home visit our safe and well section.