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School Children enjoy special fire visit to launch Treacle Campaign

WITH just three weeks left until Bonfire Night, Firefighters are asking members of the public to go to organised fireworks displays to enjoy a safe and fun Guy Fawkes Night.

The plea comes as Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and its partners, launch the 2018 Treacle campaign to keep people safe from fires and injuries, and prevent anti-social behaviour. 

To mark the launch of the campaign, Elton Primary School were invited to the Bury Safety Centre and given a special, Guy Fawkes Night focused tour.

Following their tour the school children got to speak to a real fire safety expert in Watch Manager Steve Wilcock, from Bury Fire Station. Time quickly passed as the children fired a volley of questions at Steve, ranging from the best way to dispose of sparklers to whether all firefighters had to be bald – needless to say they left the centre with smiling faces and bags of knowledge.

Paul Etches, Fire Service Head of Prevention and Protection, said: “We want everyone to stay safe and have a fun Guy Fawkes Night, which is what this time of year is all about.

“However, it’s also around during the autumn months that we typically see an increase in deliberate fires, firework injuries and anti-social behaviour. That’s why we’re working with partners across Greater Manchester to try to get our safety messages out there.

“We want everyone to enjoy this time of year, but more importantly, to enjoy it safely. We are working hard to prevent all of these incidents and accidents and, so I would urge everyone to go to our safe4autumn website and read our advice on how to stay safe and share this information with your children.”

Inspector Natasha Evans, GMP Force Lead for the Treacle Campaign, said: “We want people to have fun and enjoy themselves on Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night, but we are urging them to behave responsibly and respect others, as inconsiderate actions carry consequences.

“If behaviour gets out of hand and causes distress to anyone then we will take firm action. We treat all incidents seriously and I would remind people to report any antisocial behaviour during this period via our LiveChat facility on the GMP website or by calling 101 if they don’t have internet access.”

North West Ambulance Service’s Sector Manager for Greater Manchester, Pat McFadden said: “Bonfire Night is a huge highlight in the year, it’s a chance for everyone to get together, have lots of fun and enjoy the fireworks.

“Unfortunately, the evening also brings lots of dangers and it’s important to look out for these and make sure that you don’t end up needing help from us or our emergency service colleagues.

“We advise people to attend organised events where possible as these are often safer, not to mention less expensive (and they usually have the best displays!).

“If you are using your own fireworks, just take some time to think about safety – be sure to follow the instructions and if you’re in charge of the fireworks, it’s best to lay off the alcohol until after they’ve finished.  

“More often than not, the firework related injuries we see at this time of year can be easily avoided by taking a little bit of extra care.”   

The Treacle Campaign is multi-agency initiative which runs from October 15, the day fireworks legally go on sale in the UK, and is aimed at preventing, tackling and protecting against anti-social behaviour, criminal damage and harm reduction during the Halloween and Bonfire period across the region. The Treacle period is the busiest time of the year for GMFRS who responded to over 2323 incidents in the three-week period last year.

Every year as part of the Treacle campaign GMFRS also run a fireworks amnesty which allows anyone to safely give up or report a firework which could be dangerous. If you have or know of a dangerous firework, call the firework amnesty on 0800 555 815 and GMFRS will arrange for someone to collect the firework for you.

For more information about the Treacle Campaign and to find your local organised fireworks display visit the Safe4Autumn website -

19/12/2018 13:38 PM