Keep safe this Valentine’s Day warning after firefighters attend 900 cooking fires in 2020

Firefighters are urging people to be safe in the kitchen and to make sure there is only love and not smoke in the air this Valentine’s Day.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) attended more than 900 residential fires caused by cooking in 2020, and with restaurants remaining closed, many couples will be celebrating their love by preparing a romantic meal this weekend.

People should keep safe by never leaving cooking unattended and ensuring their smoke alarm is working.

In total last year, GMFRS attended 902 residential fires caused by cooking, more than half of all accidental fires in the home in Greater Manchester 

GMFRS Head of Prevention, Area Manager Paul Duggan, said: “These figures show just why it is so important to take care in the kitchen as so many fires in the home start there.

“Our advice could not be simpler – never leave cooking unattended.

“I know it’s not easy right now and many couples who would usually head out to enjoy a romantic meal are not able to do, so if you are cooking instead, enjoy it but make sure you take extra care and also check your smoke alarms are working.

“We also want to remind people that alcohol and cooking don’t mix. If you are planning on sharing some wine, or any other alcohol, it might be best to order a romantic takeaway instead!

“We also know over the coming days many people will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday, Chinese New Year or Purim – so again, please enjoy yourselves but do so safely.”

Firefighters have been called to a number of cooking fires already this week, including:

Alness Road, Manchester

At 1:04pm on Saturday, February 6 three fire engines from Moss Side, Withington and Salford attended an incident on Alness Road, Manchester.

The fire involved an unattended chip pan and caused substantial smoke and heat damage to the immediate cooking area and kitchen units. One woman was taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation by the ambulance service.

Firefighters wearing two breathing apparatus used one hose reel, a gas detector and breaking in gear at the incident and were on the scene for around eighty minutes.

Rostherne Gardens, Bolton

At 4.40pm on February 6, three fire engines from Bolton Central and Farnworth attended a fire involving a pan of food on a hob at a property in Rostherne Gardens, Bolton.

The pan of food had been left unattended and firefighters wearing four breathing apparatus used one hose reel, a smoke curtain, a gas monitor and a positive pressure ventilation fan at the incident. Firefighters were on the scene for around 30 minutes. 

Vine Street, Manchester

At 2.16pm on February 8 two fire engines from Gorton attended a kitchen fire on Vine Street, Manchester.

The fire involved a pan of food on a gas hob that spread to the extractor fan. The fire was out when crews arrived at the scene but one woman required treatment from a fire service trauma technician for smoke inhalation. Firefighters were on the scene for around 50 minutes.

You can find more advice on keeping safe in the kitchen here:

People should also take care when using candles this Valentine’s Day, including making sure they are properly extinguished when leaving the room or going to sleep:

Article Published: 12/02/2021 09:39 AM