Firefighters helping to prevent moorland fires

GOOD Friday will see firefighters from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) join Bolton Mountain Rescue Team to help keep people safe and prevent moorland fires from breaking out.

Crew members will be present in Rivington on Friday, April 19, 2019, talking to members of the public, along with partner agencies, in a bid to keep fires at bay as the weather warms up.

See event poster below.

To help prevent moorland fires and keep the countryside safe, advice from GMFRS includes:

  • Don't discard cigarettes or matches whilst walking or driving through the countryside 
  • Don't have barbecues in unauthorised areas
  • Never leave a barbecue unattended, and ensure they are cold before disposing of them
  • Don't start campfires in the countryside 
  • Don't discard rubbish - litter such as reflective cans and glass can start fires when it is very hot outside 
  • If you live close to woodland or heathland do not burn off garden rubbish during hot weather 
  • Report any evidence of illegal fire setting activity to Crime Stoppers – 0800 555 111

For more advice to keep you safe please visit:

15/04/2019 16:21 PM