Fire Manchester

Commercial building fire, Hyde Road in Ardwick

Incident Date: 07 August 2018

Update at 9.00am (August 9)

ONE pump from Moss Side remains at the scene of a fire at an industrial unit fire that broke out shortly before 7.00pm on Tuesday, August 7. 

A number of hot spots remain at the site and firefighters are working tirelessly to extinguish the smouldering rubble and debris. 

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. 

Update at 1.30pm (August 8)

FOUR fire engines and an aerial appliance remain at the scene of a factory fire in Ardwick this morning.

Crews are still using jets and ground monitors to put water on the fire to extinguish any remaining hot spots. The structural integrity of the building has been compromised due to the blaze and remains unstable.

A joint investigation with Greater Manchester Police has been launched to establish the cause and there will be an emergency services presence there throughout the day and possibly for the remainder of the week.

Hyde Road remains partially closed heading into the city centre while traffic is heavy around the incident. Please avoid where possible.

Update at 6am (August 8)

During the night at the incident in Ardwick, the fire was scaled back from eight fire engines to four, along with an aerial platform that continues to tackle the fire from above.

Station Manager Lee Bourne, who is in charge of the incident said: "It's been a long night, our firefighters have worked incredibly hard to save the adjoining properties. We are now in the process of dampening down the remains of the fire and will be on the scene for the coming hours."

"Whilst we understand that people need to get to work, Hyde Road from Devonshire Street to the Apollo roundabout remains closed towards Manchester, so we would urge people to avoid the area if at all possible."

Stockport Road is open, as well as the Hyde Road going towards Hyde. 

Update at 11pm

Firefighters have the fire on Hyde Road under control and are scaling down the incident. 

At its peak, 12 fire engines were at the scene but this has now been reduced to eight, along with the support of two aerial platforms. 

There are road closures in place from the Apollo theatre roundabout, down both Stockport Road and Hyde Road, as far as Devonshire Street. This is primarily because of the quantity of hose reels being used to tackle the fire and firefighters working in the road. 

Group Manager Mark Threader, who is in charge of the incident said: "We are working hard to open up Stockport Road as soon as possible, but our crews safety is exceptionally important to us and we need to make sure that they no longer need to work in parts of the road, before it can be reopened. Please remain patient - firefighters are continuing to work tirelessly in tough conditions and will be here through the night, and possibly over the next couple of days."

If you are in the area, please continue to keep windows and doors closed and avoid the area if at all possible.

There is no information on the cause of the fire yet. 

Update at 9pm 

Firefighters continue to tackle the building fire on Hyde Road in Ardwick. 

The building is unstable, meaning that crews are tackling the blaze from outside and controlling the spread of the fire. 

The wind is currently causing the smoke to blow towards the Longsight and Gorton areas of Manchester. If you live in the area, please keep windows and doors closed.

Group Manager Mark Threader, who has been in charge of the incident said: "Crews have done a brilliant job in containing the fire and preventing it from spreading. So far, their early hard work seems to be paying off, with the fire restricted to the initial building. Firefighters will be on the scene for the rest of the evening and we urge people to avoid the area if at all possible."

Update at 8.30pm

Over 50 firefighters from across Manchester, Salford and Stockport are battling a blaze on Hyde Road in Ardwick, Manchester. 

Crews were called to the fire at a commercial building just before 7pm on Tuesday, August 7. 

Initially eight fire engines attended the incident, but was immediately scaled up to 12, as the building was well alight. 

The building, a knitwear business was entirely engulfed and firefighters are fighting hard to contain the fire to the building, which is approximately 50 x 50 metres in size. 

There are two adjacent businesses and crews are working to stop the fire spreading to either of those buildings. 

19/12/2018 11:34 AM