Station New Builds

As part of the £38million estates investment that was approved in 2021, three new fire stations are being proposed to be built over the next year, on the existing sites of current stations.

The proposed new fire stations will be:

  • Blackley in Manchester
  • Whitefield in Bury
  • Stockport (King Street West)

This multi-million pound investment will provide modern and environmentally friendly stations with a reduced carbon footprint. The plans for each station include the installation of sustainable heating and lighting systems. This will also help with the city-region’s target for Greater Manchester to become carbon neutral by 2038.

We want the new fire stations to provide a positive and engaging presence in their local communities – a place for people to visit with community facilities such as a room that local groups and organisations can use.

With all three proposed stations there will be no reduction in fire engines that are based there nor any reduction in firefighting capabilities. This means that our response times to emergencies will be unaffected.

Later on in this phase, there are also proposals for new fire stations in Whitehill in Stockport and Heywood in Rochdale.

To see the plans for the new stations visit the following sections: