Annual Delivery Plan 2024 (HTML version)

Annual Delivery Plan 2024-25

  • Our Mission: Protecting communities, working together, saving lives
  • Our Vision: A modern, flexible, resilient fire and rescue service
  • Our Values: Excellence, Honesty, Inclusive, Professionalism In Our Role, and Respect

Priority 1: Provide a fast, safe, and effective response:

  • Implement fire cover review and special appliances review recommendations.
  • Implement new operating model to manage contaminants in the operational environment.
  • Continue to implement a new firefighter Fitness Framework.
  • Support the procurement of new mobilisation software for North West Fire Control.
  • Continue to implement and embed an operational equipment and PPE strategy.
  • Continue to implement learnings from the Manchester Arena Inquiry, including the trial and procurement of body worn cameras for frontline staff.
  • Implement and embed an updated crewing system – Gartan phase 2.

Priority 2: Help people reduce the risk of fires and other emergencies

  • Continue to develop and implement a Prevention and Protection customer digital solution for partners and communities.
  • Develop and expand our Prevention and Protection work to improve the way we deliver our services, utilising resources innovatively and effectively, to improve firefighter and community safety.

Priority 3: Help protect the built environment

  • Continue to develop and expand fire safety training and capabilities.
  • Roll-out fire safety checks undertaken by frontline staff.
  • Implement and deliver new requirements under the Building Safety Act and Fire Safety Regulations to protect people living in high-rise buildings and flats.
  • Assess and respond to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 2 Report upon its release.

Priority 4: Use resources sustainably and deliver the most value

  • Deliver financial efficiencies of £0.450m set out in the GMFRS budget.
  • Implement a fleet management, maintenance, and testing system.
  • Undertake a facilities management and security review.
  • Finalise Blackley Community Fire Station, build and commence new builds in Whitefield and Stockport, while initiating design work at Heywood and Whitehill.
  • Invest £3.2m in refreshing 37 of our fire stations.
  • Complete carbon reduction schemes at four fire stations.
  • Reduce carbon emissions through the implementation of electric vehicle charging.

Priority 5: Develop a culture of excellence, equality, and inclusivity

  • Continue to develop and embed our Volunteering Strategy.
  • Implement recommendations from the Recognition and Awards Phase 2 Report.
  • Implement the refreshed Operational Training Strategy.
  • Pilot new approaches for improving public participation in planning and decision-making.
  • Develop a robust approach to meeting legal accessibility requirements.
  • Procure and implement pensions self-service software.
  • Implement Culture First Phase 2, incorporating recommendations from recent reviews.

Priority 6: Integrate our services in every locality with those of partner agencies

  • Continue to implement an integrated place-based working ‘What Works Forum’ to share best practice and identify and prioritise initiatives delivering the best value to the public.