Car washes and open days

Community events

Car washes 

Borough Station  Address Date and time
Tameside Hyde Fire Station Asda, Greenfield Street, Hyde
SK14 1BD
Saturday 6 April, 10am-5pm
Tameside Mossley Fire Station  Stamford Street, Mossley
Saturday 20 April, 9:30am - 1pm
Tameside Stalybridge Fire Station Rassbottom Street, Stalybridge
SK15 1RF
Saturday 4 May, 10am-4pm
Wigan Atherton Fire Station Gloucester Street, Atherton
M46 0JT
Sunday 9 June, 10am-3pm

Open days

Borough Station  Address Date and time
Bolton Horwich Fire Station Chorley New Road, Horwich
Sunday 16 June, TBC