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Looking at our performance, effectiveness and efficiency

Fatal Fire Report: Oldham St, July 2013

Report on the fire at Paul’s Hair and Beauty World, Oldham Street, Manchester, which broke out on Saturday, July 13, 2013, and tragically claimed the life of Firefighter Stephen Hunt.

Corporate Plan 2016-20

Our Integrated Risk Management and Corporate Plan 2016-20 summarises how we consider all the fire and rescue related dangers that could affect our communities and how we aim to tackle them. It considers the new emerging corporate threats and opportunities that we face and the innovative new approaches we are developing to continue to deliver our purpose and aims.

Annual Report

Our Annual Report looks at how well we performed against our purpose and aims and celebrates some of our many achievements and success stories.

Modelling Risk

An explanation of how we model risk and allocate our resources. 

Corporate Risk Register

We maintain this document to help us to identify and mitigate the opportunities and threats that might impact on our ability to deliver our functions.

Financial Statements

Take a look at the archived accounts for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, as well as the North West Fire and Rescue Management Board plus related financial documents.

Privacy policy and data protection 

GMFRS is part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), you can read our privacy and data protection policy via this link. This will take you to the GMCA website.

Freedom of Information

Greater Manchester Combined Authority's procedure for dealing with requests that are covered by the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Pay Policy Statement

English and Welsh local authorities are required to produce a senior pay policy statement.

Environment Policy 2020

Our sustainability strategy for Greater Manchester incorporates five overarching ambitions for the service to achieve by 2050.

Other Documents

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