How to keep your flat safe

Your front door is a fire door – it keeps you and your neighbours safe. Never prop it open or remove the metal arm or chain which closes it. If it doesn’t close on its own then let your landlord know (this could be your managing agent, social housing provider or housing association).

Where possible close all doors at night, especially the doors to the lounge and kitchen, to prevent fire spreading. If you live in a studio flat or open plan you might not have doors to close but where you can, do.

Never leave cooking unattended. Even if you live in a studio flat or open plan, it is important to stay with your cooking.

Cooking and Kitchen Safety

Always put your cigarettes out properly in a suitable ashtray and never smoke in bed. The best way to prevent a smoking-related fire is to access medication and support to quit, or to smoke outside if you can. Ensure lighters and matches are out of reach of children.

Maintain electrical goods and ensure you turn off appliances not intended to remain on for long periods, such as irons or hair straighteners. Don’t overload plug sockets or extension leads.

Electrical safety (Sockets)

Don’t leave appliances on when sleeping or out of the house - this includes washing machines, dishwashers, and tumble dryers.

Take care with candles. Never leave one unattended and use a suitable heat resistant holder on a stable surface away from pets, draughts, and flammable materials such as curtains.

If you have concerns about your flat in the first instance, contact your landlord. If no actions are taken, then please email us at