Personal safety advice

With summer upon us we would like the people of Greater Manchester to have lots of fun with family and friends while staying safe and looking out for one another – especially our young people.

General safety advice

  • Synchronise watches: while you're out having fun, don't forget to let your parents know where you'll be and what time you'll be back, that way they won't stress and worry.
  • Take the plunge: down your local pool. Don't risk your life swimming in rivers, lakes or reservoirs.
  • The hills: don't let your day in the country turn fiery. Make sure matches and cigarettes are out before you bin them and never throw into long grass. Wildfires spread fast and kill thousands of animals, plants, birds and insects – not to mention the impact they have on the communities in those areas and our emergency services.
  • Parklife: It's better when you and your mates have got something to do. Check out what's happening down your local park.
  • Top gear: It's illegal to ride mini motorbikes or quads on public roads or land. Illegal off-road bikers face having their bikes seized, or even crushed. Join a legitimate club if bikes are what you are into.
  • Keep your stuff safe: When out and about this summer using public transport or attending events don't leave your bags unattended and keep your purses, wallets and phones out of sight.
  • Stuck on you: Sticking with your mates this summer will not only be more fun but it's safer than travelling or wandering around the borough on your own. Keep to well-lit areas after nightfall and rather than hanging out on the street go to a friend's house instead.
  • Respect: It's not just your summer holidays, other people may be off enjoying activities and events or chilling in parks at the same time as you. Respect others around you - let's all have a peaceful and happy summer.

Travel safe

Summer is a great time for young people to get out and explore our city-region on public transport.

The TravelSafe Partnership (TSP) is dedicated to keeping you – and others – safe and secure, and there will be teams of officers and staff patrolling our networks to provide help and assistance, as well as working to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour.

Our networks are covered by CCTV, which is monitored 24/7, and used to identify anyone involved in crime or anti-social behaviour – so please remember to be sensible and respectful of other passengers.

If you need help planning your journey or want to check out the latest information relating to transport please visit

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