Explosives Application Form

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Section 1 - About the application

You may apply for EITHER a renewal of an existing Explosives Licence OR a new Explosives Licence.

You can only renew an Explosives Licence which has not expired and you are applying to store at the same address.

You must apply for a new explosives licence if;

  • Your explosives licence has expired
  • OR
  • You have not held an Explosives Licence before.
  • OR
  • You are applying for an Explosives Licence at a new address.

NEW APPLICANTS - BEFORE applying you must be able to prove you are the owner for the proposed store or have a valid lease in place (the Inspecting Officer will need to see proof of this at the initial inspection)

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Licence Length *
Please see guidance or more information about how long your licence may be granted for.

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