Prevention and Protection

Our aspiration is that no-one should die or be injured as a result of fire that is preventable.

To achieve this, our focus has shifted to see prevention and protection to be equally important as response. We give advice and guidance to our diverse communities about preventing fires and what to do in case of fire. But, because we now understand fires are as much a result of social and economic circumstance, as they are a "process of combustion", we also work with a vast range of partners to reduce the incidence and impact of fire on our communities. In other words, we are working hard to change behaviours to stop accidental fires from happening and to prevent people deliberately setting fires. Changing those behaviours though also has a much wider benefit in reducing other forms of anti-social behaviour.

We also provide advice, guidance and support to the business community about standards of fire safety in workplaces and help employers to meet their responsibilities under fire safety legislation. And, where necessary, we now have enforcement powers that we can, and do, utilise to protect people in the built environment.

We go beyond fires, though, and also work with others to reduce the number of accidents involving cars and other vehicles, and to reduce the impact of a range of other emergencies involving people and the environment.

However we also recognise, and accept, that fires will continue to occur. We therefore continue to provide a high quality rapid response to fires and other emergencies throughout our area. And the type and variety of emergencies we deal with has never been more extensive from small fires to major flooding to terrorist attacks and everything in between. We do this with firefighters that are well trained and provided with up to date vehicles and equipment, so that they can deal with all these emergencies quickly and safely.

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