Corporate and Integrated Risk Management Plan 2016-20

Between February and May 2016, we carried out an extensive consultation exercise on the draft Corporate Plan and Integrated Risk Management Plan 2016-20. This consultation introduced our plans to manage government cuts to our budget of nearly £15 million over the next four years.

During the consultation, we spoke to a range of different people, in a range of different ways. This Plan reflects the feedback from this consultation and fulfils a number of purposes:

1. It serves our statutory duty to provide an Integrated Risk Management Plan by summarising how, through planning, we consider all the fire and rescue related dangers that could affect our communities and how we aim to tackle them

2. It considers the new emerging corporate threats and opportunities that we face and the innovative new approaches we are developing to continue to deliver our purpose and aims

3. It provides some detail of the outcomes we are targeting and how we will measure our success