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FIREFIGHTERS from Atherton were set a bizarre task by Westhoughton school pupils last week - help start and then put out the Great Fire of London!

The pupils, from Sacred Heart Primary School, had made a model of 17th Century Pudding Lane, the legendary London fire started, as part of their history project.

When finally completed, pupils and teachers at the school decided that something was missing - fire.

So, after completing a risk assessment and arranging a safe area, teacher Miss Dewhurst arranged for firefighters from Atherton Fire Station to attend the scene and assist.

Watch Manager, Alex Sugden, said: "We parked the fire engine, donned our personal protective equipment and then got a hose reel ready.


"The pupils, from years one and two, then lined up their models on the grass ready for burning.

"Once set up, my colleague, Firefighter Daniels, lit the Pudding Lane model and the children watched. There were around 100 children altogether and once the fire had burned down we asked them to make a human chain and, using good teamwork, they passed buckets of water from the fire engine to the end of the line.


"Once at the end of the line, a supervised pupil would throw the bucket of water over the embers. Following this we used the hose reel to douse the area."

Miss Dewhurst, from Sacred Heart Primary School, said: "It was a brilliant day and the children loved it. The firefighters gave a talk and left some stickers and leaflets about keeping safe which also went down well."


Watch Manager Sugden added: "The feedback from staff and pupils was extremely positive and they all enjoyed the experience and interaction with the fire service." 


Last update: 08/03/2012 15:25:37
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