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Stalybridge firefighters save a life for Christmas

STALYBRIDGE firefighters have praised a business owner whose dash to their fire station saved a man’s life before Christmas.

Blue Watch firefighters were training upstairs on Monday, December 22 just before 11am when they head their station doorbell ringing repeatedly.

Watch Manager, Gary Philips, said: “We were upstairs and could hear our station doorbell going again and again, so we knew there must be something wrong.

“One of the lads ran down the stairs and the proprietor of Top Gun Flight Simulator Centre was at the door saying he needed us urgently.

“We turned ourselves out and when we arrived we were met with a man lying unconscious on the floor in a flight simulator.

“We gave the man first aid and shocked him with a defibrillator. The paramedics arrived soon after and praised the watch for the work they did and said we’d given him the best chance of survival he could get.

“The proprietor of Top Gun deserves a pat on the back for running up to the station and ensuring that man had the quickest possible response he could.”

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Last update: 23/03/2016 08:19:30
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