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Mother who dragged man from burning car honoured by GMFRS

A MOTHER who dragged a man from a burning car in front of her daughter has been honoured for her bravery by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

Karen Buckland was presented with a County Fire Officer's Commendation at Offerton Fire Station this week to recognise the remarkable steps she took to save a man from a car that exploded into flames in front of her.

Karen, her daughter Morgan, husband Eain and neighbour Keith were reunited with the crews from Marple and Offerton that went out on the night as part of the celebration at the station on Tuesday, February 19.

County Fire Officer Steve McGuirk said: "It is without doubt in the minds of all those emergency service personnel who attended the incident on the day that, had Karen not displayed the upmost bravery and ignored the risk to her own life, the man would most certainly have lost his.

"Karen put her life on the line - watched by her family - to save this man and let there be no underestimation of the courage and strength of character that such actions take."

Karen said: "I'm amazed that this has been put on just for me but it wasn't just what I did.

"My daughter Morgan was there and was brilliant, taking all the information from the control room, our neighbour Keith helped as well and the crews were very good."


Karen was at home at 6pm on Wednesday, January 18, 2012, and could smell burning.

She went to investigate thinking something was on fire in her own home.

Karen quickly realised the fire was outside and went out to find a car on fire with a 49-year-old man slumped at the wheel.

As she approached, there was a rapid increase in the intensity of the fire, the whole of the car became engulfed in flames and the tyres exploded.

Karen added: "As I went out, the car exploded and I just thought I had to get him out of there.

"I didn't think about the danger to me - you do whatever you can to help someone survive and not think about the consequences for yourself.

"I didn't realise how bad the fire was until I saw it on the CCTV and didn't think about the implications for myself or my family.

"The fire also made me understand just how fantastic my daughter is and how calm she can be in a crisis."

Karen dragged the man from the car while her daughter Morgan called 999 and asked for help.

Morgan, aged 15 at the time, took instructions from the GMFRS Control Room.

Crews from Marple and Offerton fire stations arrived shortly after and tackled the blaze and took over from Karen and gave first aid to the man.

The man later made a good recovery from his ordeal. See more pictures from the commendation on our Facebook page!/media/set/?set=a.433605143384014.101692.117262261684972&type=1

Last update: 20/02/2013 15:51:18
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