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Public service students see the real deal

STUDENTS from a public services course got a flavour of the real thing when they visited Gorton Amber Watch.
The 14 to 16-year-olds were visiting to find out about the different skills and elements that make a fire station work.
Amber Watch Manager Paul Fearnhead said: "All the children seemed to enjoy their time on the station and said they had learned a lot about our role in the community and the job we do.
"This is a return visit, after we hosted one last year and it went down really well."

Wright Rob public service students visit Gorton Ambers
The 17-strong group and their teacher were from Wright Robinson College, which is not far from the station.
It is the second time students from the course have visited Amber Watch after a similar day last year proved successful.
As well as discussing some of the topics specific to the course and how they affect crews, the students were shown around the station, the fire engines and watched a drill.
Discussions and question and answer sessions covered communication, teamwork, professional and personal skills (for example, punctuality, pride of appearance, behaviour and timekeeping), discipline, problem-solving, co-operation and conflict management.

Last update: 11/04/2012 11:22:24
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