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Triple WOW! whammy for GMFRS


GMFRS staff have been recognised by the people of Greater Manchester who have nominated people across the service for a WOW! Award

Firefighters at Marple were thanked for their efforts with Bredbury Primary School after crews paid a visit to the school and helped the children re-enact the Great Fire of London.

Infant teacher Sheila Fowell said: "The Marple firefighters were asked to help our infant department with a re-enactment of the Great Fire of London whereby they were safely burning our houses made in school.

"They had great enthusiasm when working with the children, gave safety and information talks and even though they were called out twice, managed to return to complete the burning.

"The whole team were very accommodating, anxious to please and great with the children, who thoroughly enjoyed their special day. Thanks for making our learning just that bit more special."


Firefighters in Ashton received two WOW! Awards one from St Stephen's Primary in Audenshawe and another from People First - an organisation run by and for people with learning difficulties to raise awareness of and campaign for the rights of people with learning difficulties.

Nimah Ruderham said: "Our group from People First visited Ashton Fire Station in May and Blue Watch made us all feel very welcome."

Victoria Tingey, a Year Six teacher from St Stephen's Primary School, said: "I have nominated Blue Watch at Ashton for being so kind when Year Six visited them.

"They gave the pupils some great safety information and made the experience interactive and engaging."


Lesley Allen GMFRS' other emergencies Coordinator was nominated by water safety campaigner Becky Ramsay for her work to keep the people of Greater Manchester safer around water.

Becky said: "In 2011 my 13 year old son lost his life in outside water, since then I have set up a water safety campaign.

"I go into schools and talk about my heart ache along with talking about the dangers of swimming in outside water.

"Lesley contacted me to see if we could work together to try and prevent as many outside water deaths as possible.

"Lesley believed in me and my water safety campaign, so much so that I have my own GMFRS volunteer t-shirt with my Doing it for Dylan water safety logo on it.

"Lesley wows me all the time if I need any help on anything to do with water safety I know she is always there.

"Not only is Lesley an amazing worker for Manchester fire and rescue but I am now proud to call her a friend."

Over the last year GMFRS has piloted the WOW! Awards and invited members of the public to nominate staff for a WOW! award if they feel that an individual or team has particularly impressed them.

Whether it was for community engagement activity, a station visit, Home Safety Check or in response to an incident, GMFRS want people to tell them what they are getting right.

For more information, and to read more about GMFRS colleagues who have been nominated, visit the dedicated WOW! page on the website:

Last update: 23/03/2016 08:19:25
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