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CFO Steve McGuirk: "Enjoy the Harlem Shake - but I won't be joining in!"
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Posted by: CFO Steve McGuirk

I really just can't ignore the "Harlem Shake" video that we have been getting a lot of publicity about. 

I will come clean from the outset - a bit like the Gangnam craze - I really don't get it!

But I guess that is probably a combination of age and one or two other things?

I am not doing too badly - I'm into Twitter and the like and Mumford and Sons are my favourite band at the moment (now Brit award winners as well as Grammy winners) - so I am keeping up reasonably well.

But there are some lines that I won't cross - and getting sucked in to doing this type of stuff is one of them. 

So please don't anybody hold their breath expecting me to do Gangnam, Harlem or whatever the next craze is.

Our Community Safety Advisors, apprentices and indeed many other staff love it - and we have had huge positive publicity because of it - but I remain quite content to be an observer rather than a participant - and this is one I won't be "taking for the team".

But by all means those who enjoy - enjoy!

Last update: 27/02/2013 09:54:37
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