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Personal Safety advice in the summer

Personal Safety Advice

With Summer upon us we would like the community of Greater Manchester to have lots of fun with family and friends and in doing so would like to raise awareness of the common dangers faced by all adults, teenagers and young children during the summer months.

General Safety Advice

  • Synchronise watches Ė while youíre out having fun, donít forget to let your parents know where youíll be and what time youíll be back, that way they wonít stress and worry!
  • Take the plunge Ė down your local pool. Don't risk your life swimming in rivers, lakes or reservoirs.
  • The Hills Ė donít let your day in the country turn fiery. Make sure matches and cigarettes are out before you bin them and never throw into long grass. Country fires spread fast and kill thousands of animals, plants, birds and insects.
  • Wasted Ė Donít spend your summer wasted. Avoid hangovers by getting together with your mates or make new ones down at your local youth club.
  • Parklife Ė Itís better when you and your mates have got something to do. Check out whatís happening down your local park
  • Top gear Ė Itís illegal to ride mini motorbikes or quads on public roads or land. Illegal off-road bikers face having their bikes seized, or even crushed. Join a legitimate club.
  • Keep your stuff safe Ė When out and about this summer using public transport or attending events, donít leave your bags unattended and keep your purses, wallets, phones and mp3 players out of sight.
  • Stuck on you Ė Sticking with your mates this summer will not only be more fun but itís safer than travelling or wandering around the borough on your own. Keep to well lit areas after nightfall and rather than hanging out on the street, go to your local youth club.
  • Respect Ė Itís not just your summer holidays, other people may be off enjoying activities and events or chilling in parks at the same time as you. Respect others around you - letís all have a peaceful and happy summer.

Fire Safety Outdoors

Did you know that In the UK, 79,000 fires are started on grass and heathland every year. This is an average of 216 every day! Fire can spread faster than you think and can destroy a tent in less than 60 seconds. Fire safety doesnít stop when you leave the house...

Water Safety Advice

Make sure your children are aware of the dangers of swimming in ponds and rivers. The temperature of inland water does not vary much throughout the year. The water in Britain is still very cold in the spring and summer people can quickly become affected by the cold putting themselves into difficulties, tragically too many children drown every year. Swimming should always be confined to a supervised pool with life guards.

Want to know the chilling facts about swimming in reservoirs? - You'll find them right here

Road Safety Advice

The age group most at ĎRiskí of being involved in an accident are children aged between 5 Ė14 years of age, with the highest casualty rates occurring with children aged 12. As a minimum please ensure your children know how to cross the road safely, have taken a cycling proficiency course and always wear a seat belt when travelling in a car. ALL cyclists should wear a properly fitted cycle helmet.

Rail Safety

Network Rail are asking parents to help them explain and make clear the dangers of trespassing on the railway to their children, and to help them keep their children safe, by asking them to stay away from the tracks, especially during the lighter evenings and school holidays.

The railway is extremely dangerous and along with other hazards such as electrification of the lines it poses potentially fatal consequences to anyone who trespasses. Apart from being very dangerous, it is illegal to trespass on the railway track. Too many peopleís lives are lost or ruined because they decided to take risks on the tracks. For further advice and information from Network Rail CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE to read Network Railís Rail Life safety guide leaflet.

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