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About Oldham
  • The population of Oldham Borough is 217,273
  • In terms of age, 28.17% are 19 or under, 33.74% are aged 20 - 44, 23.8% are aged 45 - 64, 14.28% are over 65.
  • There are 87,824 households in the borough - 68.43 are owner occupied or shared ownership, 18.13% are rented from the local Council, 4.78% are rented from a Housing Association or Registered Social Landlord, 5.52% are rented from a private landlord or letting agency and 3.14% are classed as other.
  • Concerning the breakdown of ethnicity in the borough, 86.14% are White, 1.13% are Mixed Race, 11.88% are Asian or Asian British, 0.57% are Black or Black British, 0.28% belong to different multi-ethnic communities.
  • Just over 40% people within the borough are economically active and working full-time, 6.78% are self-employed, 3.69% are unemployed, 2.14% are full-time students (over 16).

All information is taken from the 2001 Census

Places of risk identified in Oldham

There are 6,982 non-domestic rateable properties and 161 schools in Oldham.
Main industries include chemicals, engineering, silicon chip manufacture and the aerospace industry.

There is a large number of light manufacturing and food processing premises, together with modern retail distribution sites containing high bay warehouses.

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