Reducing Arson in the Community

Arson is the largest single cause of major fires in Greater Manchester and the UK and it costs every person in the county around £18 a year!

Three out of four fires attended by the Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service are caused by arson and it's costing Manchester around £37 million a year. Not only does Arson cost millions of pounds each year, it also ties up fire service resources, putting lives at risk. Anyone caught will face prosecution and a criminal record.

Arson Reduction Campaign

Our campaign 'Arson - is not a game'
To complement current 'Arson Reduction' activities, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service launched a campaign in March 2007 to drive home the message to young people that arson is not a game.

Using both radio and posters the campaign was aimed directly at offenders, who cause the anti-social effects of arson, including burnt out cars, rubbish skips, derelict buildings and homes within the community.

Do you know anyone involved in arson?
Help Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service stop arson in your neighbourhood. If you know of anyone responsible for an act of arson call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


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