Escape Plans

In April 2006, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service launched a campaign to encourage everyone to take notice of fire safety advice and ensure that they not only have working smoke alarms but an escape plan ready should a fire happen in their home.

The advice came following 23 fire deaths between April 2005 and March 2006. The campaign was set against a backdrop of 40,000 home safety checks being carried out and 64,000 smoke alarms fitted by operational firefighters. In each fatal incident fire crews arrived on the scene within seven minutes of being called.

Of the 19 incidents in which the 23 people died,smoking materials accounted for 11 of the fatalities and three fatalities occurred as a result of cooking incidents. Perhaps most worryingly alcohol and/or drugs were a factor in 12 of the deaths. 

In seven of the incidents there was a smoke alarm but it was not working, in 3 cases there was no smoke alarm and in the remainder a smoke alarm was present and did activate.

The campaign promoted the importance of everyone devising an escape plan so they would know what to do if a fire occurred. It also highlighted that a smoke alarm in your home is essential and that Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service may be able to fit them for free through our home safety check scheme. Radio adverts ran for three weeks, an escape plan leaflet was made available on the website and escape plan leaflets were given to firefighters to give out to the public.

Listen to the radio adverts

Advert one (MP3 audio file 1,229 KB)

Advert two (MP3 audio file 1,213 KB)

Read a transcript of the adverts


Download the 'Fire Kills' Escape Plan leaflet (PDF)

Download the 'Fire Kills' Escaping from a high rise leaflet (PDF)

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