Business Responsibilities

In May 2007, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service launched a campaign entitled 'Your Responsibility'. It was designed to alert local businesses to their responsibilities following changes in fire safety legislation and inform them of how the service was dealing with the challenge of responding to over 13,000 signals from automatic fire alarms every year, with over 91% of them being false alarms.

Making business sense
The Fire Safety Order introduced on 1st October 2006 affected companies of all sizes and types in England and Wales. Businesses then were required to undertake a complete risk assessment on behalf of their business if there were:

  • Responsible for any business premises
  • An employer or self-employed person with business premises
  • A charitable or voluntary organisation
  • A contractor with a responsibility for any premises, or maintenance of any premises, whether your premises or not

Working in partnership with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, leaflets and posters helping to make firms aware of their responsibilities were distributed to firms across the region.

Blue light response
The 'your responsibility' campaign also highlighted that fire crews were no longer responding to all automatic fire alarms with blue lights and sirens. With over 13,500 false alarms each year, the risk to road users and firefighters is simply too great.

Businesses were urged to make a back up 999 call in a real emergency when an automatic fire alarm goes off so the fire service can provide a full emergency response.

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