Responsible Retailer Scheme - Good Guy

The Good Guy scheme is aimed at firework retailers. It's run by your local Trading Standards Authority, Greater Manchester Police and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to reduce the anti-social use and abuse of fireworks.

In recent years there has been growing concern voiced by the local community on the nuisance caused by fireworks being set off by irresponsible people at all times of the day, evening and night.

The Good Guy scheme is designed to encourage retailers to be be responsible and help reduce the nuisance and anti-social behaviour in Greater Manchester. Changes in the law have resulted in restrictions being placed upon the time periods during which fireworks can be sold.

It is recognised that local businesses do not want to be placed at a disadvantage to their competitors, therefore all firework retailers throughout Greater Manchester will be asked to support and participate in the Good Guy scheme. Each retailer responding to the invitation will receive a personal visit from Trading Standards and/or a local Police Officer to provide advice on, and highlight the benefits of joining the scheme.

Download the Good Guy - Responsible Retailer Booklet >>

Please note the telephone contact number for the Fire Service listed on the brochure is incorrect. To contact Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service regarding the Good Guy scheme please call 0161 608 4040.

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