Fire Safety at Work

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is committed to helping all businesses in the county by providing advice and information on fire safety issues and legislation.

Dangerous Goods Emergency Action Code (EAC) >> - External link

NCEC, the UK's national response unit for chemical emergencies, and part of energy and climate change consultancy, AEA, has been commissioned by the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) to produce the Dangerous Goods Emergency Action Code List 2009 (EAC List 2009), published by TSO.

False Fire Alarm >>
Automatic fire alarms help to keep premises and their occupant's safe by providing an early warning of a possible fire and enabling people inside the building to evacuate.

Fireworks Applications
Take a look at our guide to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, as well as licensing, fireworks and explosives legislation.

Fire Safety Information Sheets >>
These sheets for different types of businesses cover everything from fire prevention to preparing for a fire to means of escape and emergency plans.

Advice For Employers >>
Do you need emergency lighting? Have you got the right fire extinguishers? Find out everything a business needs to know about fire safety requirements.

What We Do >>
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service believe that our policies and procedures should be readily available to the people we interact with. We want to help and encourage you to understand our requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions >>
How do I carry out a fire risk assessment? Will the Fire Service inspect my premises? We help answer your queries.

Advice for Employees >>
Ensure that the safety of you and your colleagues is being adequately protected by taking a look at our fire safety advice for employees.

Good Guy - Responsible Retailer Scheme >>
The Good Guy scheme is aimed at firework retailers. It's run by your local Trading Standards Authority, Greater Manchester Police and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to reduce the anti-social use and abuse of fireworks.

Enforcement Notices >>
A Public Register of Enforcement Notices issued by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority is now available to view online.

Need more information?
From shops to offices and hotels to factories, download useful fire safety guides produced for different businesses by Communities and Local Government or take a look at


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