Fire Safety

Welcome to our Fire Safety Section.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service works closely with several local agencies and communities to prevent deaths, injuries and damage to property caused by fire.

We are well aware of the inherent challenges that face the Fire and Rescue Service and in particular climate change and terrorism. In the face of the global financial crisis that effects us all in the forthcoming years, we will continue to provide our community with the highest level of service (fire safety in the home, work and the community).

Did you know…?

  • A smoke alarm could save you in a fire.
  • 90 people die each year because their smoke alarm is not working.
  • Most fires start when people are cooking.
  • Every 3 days someone dies from a fire started by a cigarette.
  • Broken electrics start about 7,000 fires a year.

Fire Safety Guidance Leaflets

Please click on the links below for further fire safety guidance and information: