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Working in the Community

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service runs a variety of programmes to educate and inform children and young people about the dangers of fire, fire-related crime and its consequences.

A significant number of young people experience a wide range of problems, including unemployment following education, mental ill health, and being a victim of crime. Whilst these problems affect young people throughout the country, disadvantage is frequently concentrated in the most deprived neighbourhoods.

There can also be a sense of disengagement, often resulting in anti-social behaviour, youth crime, drug offending and school exclusions.

Why are we working with young people?

Our vision is to prevent children and young people becoming involved in fire crime and anti-social behaviour and to prevent them becoming harmed or killed in accidental fires or causing fires through ignorance or carelessness. We also hope that by working with young people, we will not only help to tackle the wider issues of crime and anti-social behaviour but we will also improve their school attendance and employment chances.

What are the aims of our youth programmes?

  • To engage actively with children and young people.
  • To prevent and reduce fire crime and firesetting.
  • To divert children and young people from fire crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • To educate children and young people in fire safety skills and citizenship.
  • To ensure we are effective and professional.
  • To share good practice within Greater Manchester Fire Service and externally to partner agencies.

What programmes do we run?

  • FireSmart - for referred individuals aged 17 years and under
  • Firefly - for referred individuals aged 11 - 17
  • Community Fire Cadets - for young people aged 14 - 16
  • FireTeam and FireTeam6 - for referred groups aged 14 - 16
  • Prince's Trust - for individuals aged 16 - 25

Individuals are referred by a range of different organisations such as schools, Youth Offending Teams and the Probation Service.