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Organisational Structure

We wouldn't be able to respond to the 52,000 emergencies we deal with every year without the help of our Support teams. Our Firefighters may be the ones who attend the incidents, but the vital work that goes on behind the scenes is just as crucial in helping us to save lives.

The following will give you a brief overview of our organisational structure:

Control Centre Operators
Working in the Control Room at the Fire Service Headquarters, this team is responsible for receiving '999' emergency calls. These can range from minor grass fires to major incidents and often involve close co-ordination with the Police and Ambulance Services.

Community Safety Team
Broadly speaking, this team looks at ways to make Greater Manchester a safer place to live. They have four key areas of focus: Arson, Anti Social Behaviour, Safety in the Home, and Fire Risk Reduction.

Corporate Planning and Intelligence

The team analyses data to ensure we focus our resources where they are most needed and we can constantly measure our performance to provide an effective and efficient service. They support all the service's major projects as well as providing strategic updates to help the service plan for the future.

Corporate Communications Team
As well as helping to promote the work of the service through local media, including TV, radio and newspapers, this team distributes messages and information to people within the organisation.

This team manage the payroll for all the service's employees, control the annual budgets for the service (which run into millions of pounds), and provide general financial advice to department managers.

Human Resources (HR)
HR is responsible for looking after the development and welfare of all staff within the service. And when you consider how different the needs of a firefighter are to those of our IT team, that's quite a challenge.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Throughout the service we use, and rely on, a wide range of communications technology - everything from the phone system that enables us to take '999' emergency calls, to the radios our firefighters use when attending an incident. This team is responsible for making sure that technology stays in perfect working order.

Property Management
With 41 stations, a Service Headquarters, a Technical Service Centre and a major Training and Development Centre, we have quite a substantial property portfolio. Our Property Management team are responsible for making sure they're all well looked after.

Transport and Technical Services
As the title of the team suggests, they look after our fleet of vehicles - including our fire engines. They have a big workshop in Leigh, where they carry out a lot of their maintenance - testing all equipment and providing a repair service to keep everything in good working order. They also get involved in the design of new vehicles and equipment, to ensure we continue to meet the changing needs of the communities we serve.

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