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Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service


146 Bolton Road

Swinton, Manchester

M27 8US

Tel: 0161 736 5866

For a FREE Safe and Well visit please call:

0800 555 815

Our Purpose

Our core purpose is to 'protect and improve the quality of life of the people in Greater Manchester'.

We have six corporate aims which summarise what we plan to do to meet this purpose.

Each aim has a number of delivery goals which reflect the outcomes we will expect to see if we successfully develop and deliver the service to meet these aims.

To see the full list of our delivery goals, please refer to our Corporate Plan 2013 to 2016 here.

We are committed to achieving these aims and each year we develop internal plans and targets to measure how well we are doing. You can keep track of our performance on the performance pages of our website.

Our six corporate aims are:

• PREVENTION - Engage with Greater Manchester's communities to inform and educate people in how to reduce the risk of fires and other emergencies and do all we can to prevent crime and disorder.

• PROTECTION - Influence and regulate the build environment to protect people, property and the environment from harm.

• RESPONSE - Plan and prepare for emergencies that may happen and make a high quality, effective and resilient response to them.

• PUBLIC VALUE - Managing risk through using resources flexibly, efficiently, effectively, continuously improving our use of public money in ways the public value.

• PEOPLE - Work with people with the right skills and attitude to deliver high quality, value for money services in a positive environment for everyone.

• PRINCIPLES - Operate in accordance with the law and our values, and ensure that safety, sustainability, partnership and inclusivity run through all we do.

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