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Immediate Emergency Care

Our Trauma Technicians provide casualty care at the scene of any incident. When a paramedic/ambulance technician arrives on scene the trauma technician will hand over the care of the casualty to North West Ambulance Service and continue to support the paramedics for as long as they are required.

They are fully trained and capable of providing basic life support and trained to use fully automated defibrillators. They are also taught how to manage both trauma and medical emergencies in adults and children.

Trauma care training was introduced into GMFRS during the mid 1990's under the guidance of the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG), several prominent regionally based A&E Consultants and the assistance of a Trauma/A&E practitioner.

Based at our Training Centre in Manchester, the Trauma Department now has a Head of Trauma Training and a Training & Development Co-ordinator. Our Medical Director is based off site and provides Clinical governance for the Organisation. The Advanced Life Support Group in Manchester continues to monitor and provide approval for our courses.

Instruction and assessment of firefighters on the trauma care courses is provided by the medical faculty. This is a team of Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics selected for their expertise from around the County.

The training programme has now been further developed and this advanced standard of medical training equips firefighters in Greater Manchester with the required level of knowledge and practical skills to save and preserve lives at the scene of any operational incident.

There has been a clear recognition in recent years of the significant value that Trauma Technicians add to improving community safety within Greater Manchester. Trauma Technicians continue to frequently deliver life-saving treatment to casualties at incidents.

How to Identify a Trauma Technician

Trauma technicians can be identified at the scene of any incident by the green and white horizontal flashes on their helmet.


The equipment carried to provide care for casualties is contained within our response bag and includes oxygen, neck collars and equipment for managing a patient's airway if they are unconscious. We also carry a selection of items for wound management.



Partnership working is high on the agenda with our colleagues in North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) and Greater Manchester Police (GMP). Joint training initiatives are encouraged.


The focus of the training is always on the care and safety of the Community we serve.


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