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Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service


146 Bolton Road

Swinton, Manchester

M27 8US

Tel: 0161 736 5866

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0800 555 815

What We Do

Contrary to popular belief, our Firefighters don't spend all of their time racing from one raging inferno to another. Yes, a key part of their role is to respond to emergencies - and that role is life saving and must never be forgotten. But the emergencies they deal with aren't just limited to house fires. They attend road, rail and air traffic accidents, clean up chemical spills and floods, and defend against acts of terrorism too.

They also spend a great deal of time promoting fire safety within the community. One of the simplest but perhaps the most effective ways of doing that is by carrying out Home Safety Checks, which includes advising people on their escape routes.

In 2009/10 over 70,000 Home Safety Checks were carried out by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and our partners. We aim to have at least one working smoke alarm in every home in Greater Manchester.

We carry out building inspections to ensure that businesses are meeting their fire safety regulations. And we do presentations in schools to raise awareness of fire safety and highlight the dangers of things like fireworks and matches.

We've even teamed up with the Prince's Trust to help engage young people in our communities. One of our joint initiatives, called FIREFLY, recently won a national Community Fire Safety Award. FIREFLY provides life skills for young people between the ages of 11 and 16, some of whom have been in trouble or experienced difficult times in their lives.

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