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As a fire service our purpose is to protect and improve the quality of life of the people of Greater Manchester. Ensuring that we are all more prepared for the impacts of climate change is a big part of that.




As our climate changes more and more of the incidents we attend are weather related. There has been a 35% increase in rainfall in the North West since the 1960s and the same increase is expected again by 2050. As a result we now attend more flooding events than ever before and will continue to do so. UK flooding in winter 2014 saw the biggest deployment of fire services since World War Two and the Boxing Day floods that year resulted in 1,000 emergency calls to the fire service in 24 hours.

Intense storms creating hazardous driving conditions and more crashes are increasingly common. In February 2014 wind speeds of up to 90 miles an hour caused trees to keel over and resulted in more calls than the service has ever received on Bonfire night. Finally heat waves (even in Manchester!) make our moorlands vulnerable to wild fires.

These issues and our history of commitment to the environment led us to set an ambitious target to become a Net Positive organisation by 2050. This means we will do more good than harm for the environment. In the words of the Chairman of our Fire Authority:



 Target 2050 Logo.JPG

 “We’ve made a great start, but in the future we don’t just want to be an organisation that reduces its impact on the environment, we want to leave it in better shape than if we did not exist.”

– Cllr David Acton





Our Environmental Policy outlines this commitment and our Sustainability Strategy focuses on how we will achieve our aims through five key areas;


  • Net positive carbon footprint - averting more greenhouse gas emissions than we produce

  • Zero waste – improving how we buy things and waste recycling and re-use systems

  • Zero pollution – reducing pollution to air, water or soil

  • Zero wasted water – reducing the quantities needed to extinguish fires through new technologies and practices

  • Leaders on sustainability - leading on climate change adaptation and environmental best practice by example


To find out more about what we’re doing check out our full sustainability strategy or take a look at a snapshot of our aims.


Environmental Management System

GMFRS has its own internationally recognised ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) which makes sure we comply with environmental legislation and provides a framework for measuring and improving our environmental performance.

To learn more about our system and what it covers or for any other sustainability queries please contact


Regular updates on sustainability progress at GMFRS are incorporated into authority papers.

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