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Sports and Welfare Association Constitution

1. The name of the Association shall be the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Sports and Welfare Association.

2. The objects of the Association shall be to promote the interests of the members by:

1 The encouragement and organisation of all forms of sport and athletics both indoor and outdoor, and
2 The promotion of any other activities which in the opinion of the Central Council of the Association will further the wellbeing of the members

Membership of the Association
3. The following shall be eligible for membership of the Association:

(a) Ordinary Members
(i) All serving members of the GMF&RS.
(ii) All ex-members leaving on retirement.
(iii) Ex-members, subject to their application for membership being approved by the Central Council.
(b) Honorary Members
Such persons as the Council may in its discretion recommend becoming Honorary Members.
(c) Family Members
The wives, husbands, partners, widows, widowers and children over eighteen, of persons entitled to ordinary membership as aforesaid shall be entitled to family membership provided that no family member shall be entitled to a vote or other control of club's affairs.  The Central Council shall have the power to extend Family Membership of the children of Ordinary Members who are below the age of eighteen years of specific occasions, and such membership shall last only for the duration of the occasion for which it has been granted.

The Central Council of the Association
4. The management of the Association shall be vested in the Central Council which shall consist of nine members who shall be appointed as follows:

(a) The Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer.  The Chair, Secretary and Treasurer shall be ex-officio posts of a nominated member of the Corporate Leadership Team, a member of the Corporate Communications Directorate and a member of the Finance and Technical Services Directorate, respectively.
(b) One member from the Retired Members Association.
(c) Four members from sport and welfare sections of the Association.

5. The Annual General Meeting shall appoint from amongst its members a Vice-Chair who shall have the power to vote.

6. Where unable to attend, all members of the Central Council may send a deputy to meetings of the Council and those deputies will have the power to vote.

7. A quorum will be formed by seven members of the Central Council.

8. The Central Council shall be responsible for pursuing all matters of policy affecting the administration and finance of the Association, subject to any direction passed by resolution at the Annual General Meeting, Representatives of the Central Council will be available for consultation with or to receive direction from the County Fire Officer concerning the co-ordination of events of a representative nature.

Presidents and Vice-Presidents
9. The County Fire Officer shall be invited to accept the presidency of the Association.  The Central Council shall have the authority to appoint Vice-Presidents.

10. The business of the Central Council shall be conducted by Committees appointed by the Council, as the Council may from time to time decide.  These Committees shall have the power to co-opt and shall report back to the Central Council.

Disposal of Funds
11. All payments made by or on behalf of the Central Council or Sports or Welfare Section in furtherance of the objects of the Association shall be entirely at the discretion of the Central Council and no member shall have any claim against the Central Council for anything done or omitted to be done in the fair exercise of such discretion.

12. All monies belonging to the Association shall be paid to an account opened in the name of the Association with the National Westminster Bank Group at Irlams-o-th'-Height Branch.  Such monies may be withdrawn upon the signature of any two of the following: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer.

13. All appropriate costs, charges and expense shall be defrayed out of and be a cost on monies belonging to the Association.

14. The Central Council shall be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Association and shall meet as necessary to transact business.  The Central Council shall authorise all expenditure.

15. The Central Council will hold, annually, an Estimates meeting to authorise a budget for Sports and Welfare Sections applying for such. The Estimates meeting will take place a minimum of six weeks prior to the AGM with the budgets being confirmed by members at the AGM.

16. The Treasurer will forward bid forms to all Sports and Welfare Sections Secretaries before the 15th January, annually, which should be returned to the Treasurer by the date specified.  Each Sports and Welfare Section will forward a proposed budget to the Estimates meeting.  Any bid forms received later than the date specified by the Treasurer shall be deemed to be invalid.

17. The Central Council will consider each individual section bid with each Section Secretary being informed of the outcome of such bids, prior to the AGM.  Section Secretaries may appeal against budget decisions made by the Central Council before the date specified on the bid notification.  Any appeal shall be dealt with prior to the AGM.

18. A new Section can apply to the Central Council for an initial start-up grant of between £50-£300.  On receiving an application for a start-up grant, the Treasurer will write to all members of the Central Council with regard to the application and inform the applicant of the Central Council's decision.  A majority decision of the Central Council deems the request to be approved.

19. Sporting or Welfare Sections shall be authorised to spend such sums as sanctioned by the Central Council.  All sections must establish a bank account and money allocated by the Central Council will be paid directly into that account at a time and frequency determined by financial restrictions and authorised by the Treasurer, Secretaries must maintain their Section accounts in a current state and be available for audit where necessary.

20. Any individuals can, as a member of the Association, apply to any recognised Section for financial support.  Individuals outside the Association's recognised Sections cannot apply for funds.  The only exception to this rule applies where an individual is representing the Brigade at a national or international level in a sport that does not have a recognised section.

Annual Reports
21. Each recognised Sports and Welfare Section shall complete an annual report of the Section's activities (following each full year of operation) in a format specified by the Central Council.

22. The annual report will be submitted by the 15th January.

Committee Appointments
23. The Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer shall be ex-officio members of all Committees.

24. Sporting or Welfare Sections shall appoint their own Chair and Joint Honorary Secretary/Treasurer or Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer and shall draw up rules governing their own respective sections.  Teams and/or individuals to represent the Association will be selected by the Sectional Committee of the particular activity concerned.

25. Each Sporting or Welfare Section shall be responsible for the general control of its respective section and will meet as required.

26. The Chair or the Secretary of the Association shall have the power at any time to request a meeting of the Committee.

27. The Chair and Secretary of the Association shall deal with all emergencies or matters of an urgent nature and for such a purpose may co-opt the Sporting or Welfare Section Chair or Secretary concerned and report their action at the next meeting of the Central Council for its approval.

Annual General meeting and Special General Meeting
28. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held before the end of the month of June.  Five weeks' notice of the date, time and place of the meeting shall be given.

29. Notice of motion of any business for consideration shall be forwarded in writing to the Secretary of the Association by the Secretaries of any Club or by registered individual members within 14 days of such notice of the Annual General Meeting being issued.  Particulars of such motion shall be included in the Agenda published at least 14 days prior to the meeting, together with a copy of the financial statement.

30. The business transacted at the Annual General Meeting shall be:

(i) To receive the report of the Central Council;
(ii) To receive the report of the Treasurer;
(iii) To appoint Auditors who shall be approved by the Central Council;
(iv) To appoint Officers;
(v) To transact any business which appears on the Agenda

31. A special general meeting shall be called at the discretion of the Council or, within 28 days, by the Secretary of the Association on receipt of a requisition by at least FIVE clubs or 40 members.  Fourteen days' notice of such a meeting, together with the agenda shall be given.

Challenge Trophies
32. All challenge trophies are the property of the Association.  Members may only hold them subject to the conditions of the agreement entered into by them.  Clubs and individuals are responsible for their safe custody and return to the Secretary of the Association on demand.  The Secretary shall arrange for the Insurance of all trophies and the drawing up, signing and custody of all the necessary agreements with the holders of the trophies.

33. The Central Council shall cause proper books of accounts to be kept showing all sums of money received and paid out.  The Association's financial year shall close on 31 March.
34. The accounts of the Association shall be presented annually after the correctness of the income and expenditure account balance sheet has been certified by auditors appointed at the Annual General Meeting.  The Auditor may be reimbursed by the Association.
35. An inventory of property and equipment shall be maintained.

Advantages of Membership
36. The advantages or the benefits to be derived from membership of the Association, including participation in sporting events or any other facility, the cost of which is chargeable wholly or in part to the Association, shall apply to any members.  Such members will be entitled to participate in and take advantage of functions and events organised and facilities afforded by the Fire Service Sports and Athletic Association.  Members of the Association may benefit from schemes arranged by the Association for its members eg Group Insurance Schemes.

37. The financial liability, with regard to membership, of each member shall be limited to the payment of annual subscriptions to the Association Funds.  Subscriptions in whole or part are not to be refunded.

Alterations to the Constitution
38. No alterations shall be made to the Constitution except by a resolution passed by a majority of those voting at an Annual General or Special General Meeting called for this purpose.

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