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Corporate Plan Consultation

The process

We underwent a 12 week consultation period, from November 2010 until the start of February 2011. We encouraged a wide range of people to respond to our proposals; from the public, to partners, to our staff and volunteers. We offered a menu of ways for people to contribute; an online survey, a focussed mail out, public workshops and staff meetings.

If you would like to know more specific details about how we went about the consultation of the Corporate Plan 2011-2014, please email

We want to be as open and transparent as possible, we also think that if people have taken the time to tell us their views - then we should tell people what we think of these views.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank those people who contributed towards shaping our final Corporate Plan.

Click here to read all the comments that we received >>

What this document will tell you:

It will list all of the things that you told us during the consultation period - these are your thoughts and views, and have not been changed at all. We feel that it is important to make sure that the comments remain as you told us, as opposed to interpreting them as we feel.

It will let you know what Senior Managers of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service feel about some of your thoughts and suggestions.

It will give you a breakdown of quantitative survey responses to the Corporate Plan - the actual numbers of respondents.

The comments are sorted by the way on which you gave them or who you are. For example; if you attended a public borough workshop - then that is where your comment and subsequent response will be.

You will be able to see the key things within the Corporate Plan that you spoke to us about.  We categorised each comment, so that we could see who the best person within the organisation was to look at your comment - and see how it might influence both the Corporate Plan and the way that we work.

You may also see lots of 'noted' next to comments - this simply means that we have received your comment, but that it is either a statement that doesn't require a response, or it is a comment that we need to take away and think about.

What this document won't tell you:

It won't necessarily tell you how your comments have or haven't influenced our decision making - we are going through a period of considerable, fast passed change.

It won't tell you 'how' the comments have been used; these may be seen in the full final version of the Corporate Plan.

It won't tell you the detail about how we coded comments to identify key themes of comments emerging.

It won't tell you which specific comments reoccurred - this can be seen in the full final version of the Corporate Plan.

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